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17 Factories Worker Jobs In Japan


17 Factories Worker Jobs In Japan:In Japan 17 Factories Demanding the worker for own factories. There is a huge demand for Factory Workers in Japan right now. If you are interested in working in Japan, this could be a perfect time for you to seize the moment and take the opportunity to apply for a job in the Land of the Rising Sun.

All Countries Male and Female applicants may apply for this job opening. You must be 18 years old and above, High School graduate, with a minimum of 1 year experience.

17 Factories Worker Jobs In Japan:Casting – Machinist


  • High School or College Diploma or TOR
  • Certificate of Live Birth (must not be late registered)
  • Passport (with at least 1 year of remaining validity)
  • Visual Acuity 20/20
  • Documents needed:
    • Updated Resume
    • Certifications
    • Original Passport
    • Original Live Birth Certificate
    • Original Diploma or TOR
    • Why work in Japan?

      Japan is a beautiful and progressive country. Many Filipinos and foreign nationals choose to work in Japan because of the many opportunities it offers.

      Factory Workers are highly in demand in Japan and if you have the experience and you’re willing to learn new skills, grab this opportunity now and get hired immediately!

    • Job Requirements
    • Company Name: Multiples Companies
    • Education: High School
    • Experience: (1 year)
    • Work location: Japan
    • Type of Employment: Full time – Permanent
    • Salary: Mentioned
    • How To Apply

      To apply the company website click the below link.

      Click Here

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  1. Can I take apply as trolley boy loader boy
    I’m from Philippines male single 31 year old
    Or any vacancies work thank you

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