Administrative/Administrative Assistant Dubai

Administrative/Administrative Assistant Dubai

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 Administrative/Administrative Assistant Dubai: Under the leadership of the department manager, assist the department manager to be specifically responsible for the planning, organization and implementation of the administrative work of the administrative department of the company (management office, the same below). Implement the instructions of the leaders of the company and the administrative management department, and be specifically responsible for the management of the company’s administrative logistics;


2. Under the arrangement of the company’s leaders and the manager of the administrative management department, do a good job in the preparation and handling of various meetings and activities, and successfully complete each task.

3. Assist the manager of the administrative management department, handle the company’s general affairs and logistics, formulate plans for office equipment, facilities, and office supplies, and carry out the inspection, storage and distribution of items. Manage the use, maintenance, purchase and scrapping of the company’s office equipment and facilities.

4. Responsible for other administrative work related to office safety, fire protection, environmental layout, cleaning, network communication, warehouse, staff dormitory, canteen management and so on.

Administrative/Administrative Assistant Dubai


5. In accordance with the responsibilities of the Administration Department, do a good job in community cultural publicity and company brand building and promotion, and be specifically responsible for the planning and implementation of the park’s environmental layout, company image publicity and brand promotion, community cultural activities and the organization and implementation of employees’ amateur cultural life Work.

Administrative/Administrative Assistant Dubai

6. According to the company’s development goals and leadership instructions, assist the superior to formulate the company’s administrative work plan, revise the department’s work plan, and ensure the effectiveness and operability of the plan; assist the superior to formulate, revise, and improve the company’s administrative rules and regulations and be responsible for supervising, inspecting and implementing Implement the situation, report the problems found in the inspection in a timely manner, and propose improvement measures.

7. Revise the company’s quality document system to ensure the consistency and high efficiency of the work of each department. Familiar with the work flow and operation of various departments to improve the quality and efficiency of administrative work.


8. Organize and arrange reception work, and be responsible for communication and coordination with relevant departments, owners’ committees and relevant departments of the group company.

9. Assist leaders to do a good job in the internal assessment of the department, and help the staff of various administrative positions in the department to solve practical problems in their work.

10. Complete the daily administrative affairs of the department and other tasks assigned by the leaders.



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Job Location
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Company Industry
Human Resources Outsourcing; Financial Services; Media Production
Company type
Private (sector)
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