Aircraft Cleaner Jobs In USA

Aircraft Cleaner Jobs In USA


Aircraft Cleaner Jobs In USA: Aircraft cleaner jobs are open in USA. This is a part time job at airport can lead to the permanent post. These jobs for Aircraft cleaners are offered by the company “Flight Services & Systems”.

Company intro:As one of the best airline services in US, Flight Services & Systems is proud to be an industry leader. This Company offer a variety of different opportunities for different field of employees, including training and development programs that are focused on building skillsets in various areas.

Aircraft Cleaner Jobs In USA

This ensures that each employee has the necessary skills to succeed at their job while also providing them with ongoing education so they can continue to grow professionally.

How Flight Services & System Hire?

The first step you should take when applying for work at Flight Services & Systems is to apply online through the company website ( Company website is mentioned in the last section of this article i.e. “How To Apply” section) or by downloading an application form.


You’ll need to provide your contact information and key qualifications once it’s submitted successfully! Once company will receive your application, company will review it and notify you via email.

Before going head have a look on the general details and criteria for this Aircraft cleaner job in USA.


Job Title :Aircraft  Cleaner

Salary : 9 $ Per Hour

Type : Part Time Job

Experience: Not Required

Language: English

Company: Flight Services & System


The following are some of the most common duties for cleaning an aircraft interior. Company can designate any of the following duties to you.


  • Remove spills, stains, or other visible dirt from surfaces inside the cabin (e.g., upholstery)
  • Clean lavatories (toilets) on board Wipe down galley counters, seats, tables, tray tables; remove trash from receptacles; replace linens on food service areas where needed
  • Cleaning methods that may be used include using waterless hand cleaners or wipes for surface cleaning and disinfectants to sanitize hard surfaces such as desks and countertops in galleys/cafeteria areas
  • Properly dispose of any hazardous materials including chemicals by following all regulatory requirements set forth by DOT/EPA/FAA
  • Clear ice build-up on wings, tail section, and body of airplane
  • Wash exterior windows of the aircraft with a solution that is safe for cleaning glass surfaces
  • Wipe down cockpit instrument panels to remove dust and fingerprints

How To Apply In Flight Service & System USA:  

First click on the link below and go to Official Website. Then login their and send your cv 👇

Aircraft Cleaner Jobs In USAAircraft Cleaner Jobs In USA

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