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Factory Worker Jobs in Australia

FACTORY WORKERS JOBS IN AUSTRALIA are in demand for a variety of reasons. While some may be seeking only the latest technical skills, others are searching for experience. If you have experience in a production line, you can apply for jobs directly. In some cases, a formal qualification is required. Other employers may require a practical skills test.

Job Description

A Factory Worker is a skilled professional who performs manufacturing tasks on a production line. Often, this job involves operating machinery, monitoring inventory levels, and cleaning equipment as necessary. This position is ideal for someone who is good with their hands and enjoys deadlines. They may rotate between different types of equipment, or specialize in a particular process. This position also involves adhering to health and safety regulations and reporting any problems to senior staff.

There are many industries in Australia that employ Factory Workers. These jobs are highly paid and may require additional qualifications or protective equipment. The average salary for this position is between $27 and $52,000 per year, although it varies depending on the particular industry.

Salary range

Factory worker salary in Australia ranges from $27 per hour to $20,000 AUD per year, depending on the industry and experience. The highest-paid workers in the manufacturing industry are postgraduates and high-skilled workers. Many factory workers also receive cost-of-living bonuses.

Factory workers in Australia often receive annual raises. The average raise is 8% every 16 months, but the rate varies from company to company. Additionally, you can expect to receive bonuses if your performance is good. Most companies offer bonuses as an incentive to attract and retain staff. These bonuses range from $500 to $1000 per year.

The demand for factory workers in Australia is rising. By 2022, the number of factory workers in Australia will be about one third higher than it is now. In addition, the number of graduates entering the workforce is increasing. This means the labor market will need more skilled workers. In order to meet this demand, factory workers must adapt their skills.


Australia’s largest airlines have announced that they will give out $90m in bonuses to their employees. The bonuses are part of a collective bargaining agreement that covers 28,000 employees. The bonus is a response to the company reporting its best half-year profit in four years. Qantas has been trying to turn around the company amid stiff competition. The airline has already announced job cuts in the past year.

The company has said that the bonuses are a way to attract new staff. The new employees must commit to working twenty hours a week. The company said that the incentives were aimed at increasing the number of new employees and at the same time reducing the staff turnover. The company also said that they were offering the bonuses because they were having a tough time finding new employees.

Industry employers

Over 1.5 million people work in the healthcare and social assistance industry in Australia, and the growth in employment is expected to be around 250 thousand or 16.1 percent over the next five years. Many people who work in this sector have no formal qualifications and may be employed part time. In some fields, such as the health care sector, a university degree is necessary, while others require training and vocational qualifications.

The Employment by Industry guide from the Australian Bureau of Statistics provides information on the number of people employed by industry, and their share of total employment. It is based on data from Table 1, which provides industry-level statistics, such as the number of people employed by main jobs, and the number of people holding those jobs. The data is also available at the person-level, which allows for further analysis. The figures also show employment by sex and by hours worked.

Ways to apply

If you’re looking for a factory workers job in Australia, the first thing you need to do is apply. Most factory jobs require you to have a high school diploma, but some companies may also require prior experience. It’s important to read the details of each job description carefully and apply as soon as possible if you are interested.

There are many different industries in Australia that employ Factory Workers, and salaries range anywhere from $27k to $52,000 per year. The highest paid employees typically have postgraduate degrees or higher. The lowest paid employees are those with little or no education.



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