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FACTORY WORKERS JOBS IN TAIWAN POEA APPROVED: Working in factories is a great way to make money in Taiwan. Not only will you be earning a decent wage, you’ll also have the opportunity to upgrade your career. These jobs in Taiwan offer a number of benefits, including perks like minimum age requirement and bachelor’s degree. Read on to learn more about the benefits of factory jobs in Taiwan and how to apply. You’ll be glad you did! Let’s begin!

Minimum wage

According to the Taiwan Labor Standards Act, a factory worker must be at least eight years old to be eligible for overtime pay. In addition, no worker under the age of 16 may be employed for heavy or dangerous jobs. This new law will take effect on January 1, 2022. The government also plans to implement other labor standards to ensure that factory workers are treated fairly. For more information, read our brief guide to minimum wages in Taiwan.

While not the highest in the world, the minimum wage for factory workers in Taiwan is sufficient for a decent living. The age limit is 35 years old, and the average salary is around TWD 505,459 a year or TWD 243 an hour. In addition, the salary ranges from TWD 391,316 to TWD 600,122, allowing factory workers to make a comfortable living. However, the wage is not a sufficient living standard for most people.

Working conditions

The Labor Standards Act of Taiwan (Taiwan LSA) defines a standard day as eight hours or 84 hours over a two-week period. Workers have the right to rest for thirty minutes every four hours. Overtime work is regulated by an employee contract. While Taiwan’s factory laws may appear strict, they are in fact relatively loosely enforced. Despite this, Taiwan factory workers have faced some problems.

A Taiwan factory worker must get up at 5 AM each morning, take a shower and eat breakfast. Then, they take a shuttle bus to work, which takes twenty to thirty minutes. They must arrive at the factory by 7 AM and leave by 7.20 PM, with two-hour breaks between shifts. Working conditions in Taiwan can be dangerous. The government has put in a system to protect workers, but this has created many problems.

Benefits of a bachelor’s degree

Earning a bachelor’s degree can be helpful when you are looking for a job in Taiwan. Many factory jobs pay low wages and require you to put in long hours. In addition, your average monthly salary is below minimum wage, so it might not be enough to live on. However, you can find factory jobs in Taiwan that pay above minimum wage and can improve your family’s financial situation. In addition, there are several agencies in Taiwan that recruit foreign workers and offer them decent salaries.

Most Taiwan factory workers jobs require applicants to have at least a Bachelor’s degree. A graduate degree may be acceptable in some cases. However, you should be at least 35 years old to be considered for this position. The application process is easy and should take a week or two. After you have met all the requirements, you should have a call from the company if you have been shortlisted.

Minimum age requirement

The age requirement for factory worker positions in Taiwan is 35 years old, which is quite low compared to other countries. It is not hard to apply and the process is quick. You just need to provide a valid UMID ID, digital photo and accurate litrato, and be sure to apply through an authorized employment agency. In addition to these, you should have the required documents in order to work in Taiwan. These documents include a PSA birth certificate, driving license and police clearance.

There are several reasons to work in Taiwan as a factory worker. The minimum age requirement for factory workers is low, and the work is safe. The country has a low crime rate and the application process is relatively easy. It only takes a few weeks to get the approval. The application process is fast, too, as most factories don’t hire anyone under the age of 16.

Requirements to work in a factory

If you are looking for a job in the electronics industry, Taiwan is a good choice. Working in Taiwan will provide you with a great opportunity to work with the latest technology. To work in a Taiwan factory, you need a bachelor’s degree. This will allow you to land a position easily. Women can also get factory worker positions with a bachelor’s degree. In this article, you will learn about the requirements for factory jobs in Taiwan and some tips for getting hired.

Before you can work in Taiwan, you need a work permit. The requirements vary depending on your company and its operational history. Generally, companies must have at least USD $400,000 in import/export revenue. They also need to have a research and development center and an operational headquarters or representative office. The work permit is usually valid for six months, but it may be extended for an additional three years.





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