Housekeeper/Cleaner Jobs In New Zealand

Housekeeper/Cleaner Jobs In New Zealand


Housekeeper/Cleaner Jobs In New Zealand: Housekeeper or Cleaner job are open in Canada by the famous foundation “The Selwyn Foundation”. These posts offered by The Selwyn Foundation are open at Point Chevalier, Auckland New Zealand. Below is the short intro of the foundation:

Requirements for Cleaners:

A caring and responsible person that can meet the following requirements that are the needs of “The Selwyn Foundation” :

  • Past experience as a housekeeper or cleaner in an Aged Care / hospitality environment.
  • Excellent verbal communication skills and good manners.
  • New Zealand work permit required for this role (goods order only applicants need not apply).
  • Additionally company also looking for Level 2 cleaning qualification with computer skills such as Office 365 etc.

Working Benifits In Newzaeland 

  • These include life insurance
  • disability, insurance
  • income protection insurances,
  • while one theme that resonates with New Zealand employees is flexibility.
  • Benefits that provide this include holiday trading, gym membership and help with childcare

Housekeeper/Cleaner Jobs In New Zealand


  • You will be responsible for performing basic household duties i.e. cooking, cleaning, and laundry
  • You will be reporting to the care manager on a weekly basis
  • Your responsibilities include setting up the dining table every day with fresh linens and napkins as well as setting out cutlery and dishes
  • You are also responsible for keeping the kitchen clean at all times by wiping down counters after each meal
  • In addition you must make sure that there is always fresh food in the fridge so that your clients can eat healthy meals based on their dietary needs
  • It’s also important to keep an eye on how much soap or detergent is left in order to prevent running out of supplies prematurely

Apply for Cleaner/Housekeeper:

Housekeeper/Cleaner Jobs In New ZealandHousekeeper/Cleaner Jobs In New Zealand

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