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How to Find Farm Jobs in Australia

HOW O FIND FARM JOBS IN AUSTRALIA: Interested in a career in farming? Farm workers are responsible for planting, cultivating, and harvesting crops. You’ll be paid by the hour or by the quantity of fruit you pick. You can find these jobs all year round. The climate of Australia can vary greatly, so looking for a farm job at any time can be a good option. Read on to learn more about this career. And don’t forget to check the weather.

Farm workers are responsible for planting, cultivating, and harvesting crops

Working on a farm in Australia is a dangerous occupation. Farm workers are often outdoors in extreme temperatures and are exposed to a variety of risks, including the risk of exposure to harmful chemical fumes and biological agents. In addition to these hazards, farm workers are also exposed to various weather conditions, including heat and sunburn, dehydration, and hypothermia. Statistics indicate that unintentional farm worker deaths account for nearly a quarter of all workplace fatalities in Australia. Injuries occur in both adults and children, and males are more likely to be injured than females.

Australian farm work can be seasonal or year-round. Farmers in the Northern Territory prefer the winter months, when temperatures are mild and there is less risk of rain. Many farmers in the region also enjoy picking fruit. They need workers for crops such as watermelons, bananas, lemons, and vegetables. New South Wales is another good option if you want to work on a farm during the winter months. There are many different types of farm jobs in Australia, including working on a cotton or apple farm.

They are paid by the hour

The new piecework clause in the Fair Work Act has led to a dispute over how much farm workers should be paid. The union has filed an application to strike out the piecework clause and replace it with a minimum hourly rate. The United Workers’ Union and the Australian Council of Social Service supported the application. Other organizations opposed it, including the Australian Fresh Produce Alliance, the Australian Industry Group and the National Farmer’s Federation. However, the Fair Work Commission said there is evidence of underpayment of farm workers.

The new piece rate has caused a slew of debate, with farmers arguing that it will increase their costs. Some have warned that the change will lead to higher supermarket prices and could hurt the industry. Despite the broader arguments, Mr Walton says the new rate won’t have a significant effect on the industry. While the union called for the change to take effect from January 1, the National Farmers’ Federation and the Australian Fresh Produce Alliance argued against it until July 1. Neither of these groups responded to the timeline set by the Fair Work Commission.

They are paid by the quantity of fruit they pick

While most farm employers in Australia pay workers by the hour, many don’t have the resources to properly compensate their employees for their time. Some horticultural employers are notorious for harassing their workers, failing to investigate sexual harassment allegations, and unfairly dismissing workers. The situation has gotten so bad that the federal government introduced a new scheme to lure local workers. The scheme offered up to $2000 to international applicants and $6000 to Australian workers who took up short-term agricultural jobs.


However, some farms are still paying workers by the hour. The Fair Work Commission has ruled that employers must pay a minimum wage of $25 per hour to their fruit picking employees. The penalty for underpaying employees can be as high as $126,000, and directors of farms can be held personally liable. The report highlights the problems of farm workers and their compensation. The Fair Work Commission’s decision will increase the minimum wage for Australian fruit pickers.

They are paid on a weekly or fortnightly (every two weeks) basis

Most farm workers in Australia are paid either on a weekly or fortnightly basis. While this is a standard arrangement, hours vary. Often, you will work 7:30am to 3:30pm Monday to Friday and on the odd occasion, Saturdays. The hours are flexible and often depend on the time of year, the season and what you have going on in your life. For example, you may work four 10-hour days in a row in summer. However, your hours may vary depending on the season and other factors, such as events at night or on weekends.

The average Australian farm worker earns between $20 and $8.50 per hour, depending on their age and experience. Entry-level farm workers can expect to earn $13 to $15 per hour while experienced field hands can earn $19 to $20 per hour. While farm workers are not generally unionized, they do receive paid medical insurance and some farms also provide housing. While wages are generally low, the cost of living in major cities like Sydney and Melbourne is often higher, so the salary is higher as well.

They are a gamble

Although the federal government offers incentives for people to work on farms, the reality is that farm jobs in Australia are a gamble. This job involves relocating, spending $200 a week on gas and accommodation, and relying on a network of farmers and employment services to find suitable jobs. And of course, this gamble is especially unaffordable for low-income Australians. As a result, there are no good stories to tell about the experience.

It’s no secret that crop losses are a major concern in the months leading up to Christmas. Farmers have self-reported more than $60 million in crop losses, but the real figure is likely much higher. In order to counter this problem, the federal government has tried to encourage both Australians and seasonal workers to seek farm work in Australia. It’s a gamble that has been on the horizon for years, but the new trade deal between Australia and the UK removed a farm-work requirement for British backpackers. However, the agricultural visa has not yet been introduced and horticulturists started hiring labor when the previous harvest ended.




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