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 Multiple Jobs in Canada in 2022

MULTIPLE JOBS IN CANADA 2022: Statistics Canada says one million Canadians hold multiple jobs, up from seventy-one thousand in 1998. This rate increased throughout the 1980s and 1990s and remained at around five percent until the 2020 survey. However, that number is now higher by nearly three million. So, how can you get one of these jobs? You’ll need a degree to get started, so start looking for opportunities in those fields now.

Customer service reps

If you are an outside salesperson who specializes in customer service, you may be interested in a career as a Customer Service Representative in Canada. This profession allows you to interact with customers via a variety of remote channels. The average Canadian salary for a customer service representative is $34,654 per year. However, you must keep in mind that this profession is not only for specialists. Both native and foreign individuals can apply for customer service jobs in Canada. To be considered for this career, you need to possess the necessary qualifications and skills.

The role of a customer service representative varies from entry-level to senior management. This position requires excellent communication skills, as well as data entry skills. Many companies will require a college degree, or several years of relevant experience to fill these roles. In addition to customer service representatives, some jobs may be known as customer service agents, client services representatives, or customer care specialists. Once you’ve landed a job, consider pursuing further education in this field.


With a career in welding, you can expect to earn between $40,000 and $51,000 per year. These professionals assemble metal equipment and structures, produce products to customer specifications, and repair and maintain a variety of metal-related equipment. To be eligible for this position, you need to have a secondary education diploma. In addition, you must have a basic understanding of blueprints and sketches, and be able to migrate through employment.

Welders are in high demand in various industries. For example, underwater welding requires a strong swimmer with no fear of water. Welders with advanced skills are more likely to find work in fitting jobs. These professionals need to be able to read blueprints and use a variety of welding techniques. If you have a background in mechanical engineering or a related field, you can be a part of the growing marine industry.

Sales associates

In the first quarter of 2022, Canada will have an all-time high job vacancy rate. The number of available jobs has risen across the country and several have experienced strong growth in recent years. In addition, Canada’s labour force will continue to be in a strong position to welcome newcomers. The Randstad Global Workforce Survey recently published a list of the top jobs in Canada in 2022. Those overseas applicants with experience in these high-demand occupations should enjoy excellent job prospects in the Canadian labour market.

The number of Canadians holding multiple jobs is projected to rise by 30 percent by 2022, with over one million people in the country holding two or more positions. This means that six percent of the total Canadian workforce will be working multiple jobs. While many employers worry that their employees may be working multiple jobs, there is no law prohibiting part-time workers from moonlighting. It is legal to work in more than one occupation without jeopardizing your primary job.

Software developers

Compared to other occupations, software developers in Canada are expected to earn the highest salaries. This growth is expected to continue through 2022. Software developers are an essential part of a wide range of industries. Currently, the Canadian labour market is experiencing a large shortage of software engineers. Immigrants can find a wide range of software developer jobs in the country. The Express Entry program for software developers is an option that is available to foreign nationals.

The average salary for a software developer in Canada is $82,000 per year. These salaries are higher than those of their U.S. counterparts, which are slightly lower. The best-paid software developers in Canada can expect to earn over $150,000 a year. The Canadian government will hire nearly 4,000 software developers per year, which is about five times more than the U.S. median. If you are an in-house developer, you may want to consider outsourcing your software development needs to a Canadian software development company. These companies can provide you with a custom software development solution and help you reach more consumers. In the long run, this can help you increase revenue.

Hotel managers

With the high demand for international professionals, the hotel management industry in Canada is expanding at a rapid pace. Statistics have shown that a country with six eight million tourists is likely to be able to sustain itself with a steady flow of tourism. A bachelor’s degree in hotel management is typically not enough for entry-level hotel management jobs in Canada. To get the best pay in this industry, it is essential to have a master’s degree in the field.

To become a hotel manager in Canada, international students need to meet specific academic requirements. While studying abroad, students must meet the requirements of universities in Canada. Different countries have different standards for international students. Generally, students must earn high grades and complete advanced courses in order to be considered for admission into the country’s university system. The average tuition fee in Canada is $14,000 CAD per year. Afterwards, it is usually possible to find a job after graduating.


Currently, the Canadian labour market is booming, with job vacancies reaching an all-time high in the first quarter of 2022. There are many in-demand occupations across Canada, and many of these are growing at a fast rate. In addition, Canada’s labour force is well-positioned to welcome new comers and foreign workers. Randstad released a list of the top jobs in Canada in 2022, including the best industries to work in. In many cases, overseas candidates with experience in these in-demand occupations will have strong prospects in the Canadian labour market this year.

The Government of Canada is offering a number of emerging job opportunities for those with the right qualifications. These positions are classified into different categories, with some jobs paying a monthly salary and others offering hourly rates, allowing employees to make more by working overtime. Many of the new government jobs are located in cities and provinces, and the government encourages job applicants to apply early. To apply, visit the Careers page of the government of Canada.


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