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Oil and Gas Company Jobs in Dubai

OIL AND GAS COMPANY JOBS IN DUBAI: There are several opportunities for oil and gas professionals in Dubai. The UAE’s government owns the Emirates National Oil Company Group, which is a global oil and gas player operating across the energy value chain. It was founded in 1993. Interested applicants should contact the company to inquire about available positions.

Offshore oil and gas jobs in Dubai

The UAE is home to many oil drilling contractors and oil producing companies. These companies drill to extract crude oil and create a lot of jobs. These jobs can be high-end, like being a Cyber Driller or a Subsea Engineer. But there are also lower-end positions like being a Roughneck or a Roustabout.

The minimum qualifications to get these positions are two to five years of experience, good communication skills, and excellent HSE knowledge. You can apply for jobs with the companies on their careers page, LinkedIn, and job portals. As the oil and gas industry faces an acute skills shortage, these companies sought to hire new employees.

Offshore oil and gas companies need new and younger people to maintain their production levels. Having a high-tech workforce is crucial to keeping the industry competitive. Applicants should have a background in engineering or a related field and have at least 10 years of experience managing projects. They must also have good knowledge of NBIC and ASME codes. In addition, they must have experience handling ASME U and R stamp jobs. They should also have extensive knowledge of offshore mobilization procedures in Dubai and the Abu Dhabi CICPA area. Moreover, they should be familiar with lifting plan preparation and risk assessment.

Drilling Engineer job description

A Drilling Engineer is a person who is responsible for designing and building drilling rigs for oil and gas companies. They often work with other professionals to make sure that the drilling operations run smoothly and safely. They work forty hours a week but may also need to be on call in case of emergency. They must be able to work under pressure and have the physical strength to travel to remote locations.

A Drilling Engineer must have knowledge of the entire process of drilling and have a thorough knowledge of drilling methods and techniques. They must be able to assess the suitability of well sites, collect data on production and predict production times. They also need to be good at computer skills and have a good sense of responsibility. Drilling engineers also need to be able to schedule drilling activities, anticipate problems, and coordinate work. They must also be able to monitor perforations, productive horizons, drilling fluid parameters, blowout preventer conditions, and other drilling regulations.

As an Oil and Gas Engineer, you’ll be involved in international activities, and you’ll be working in different countries. Drilling engineers can expect to work in dirty, noisy, and wet environments. In fact, the environment of offshore rigs is often unpleasant.

Control System Engineer job description

The Control System Engineer is an essential part of a company’s operations. This role requires a high level of mathematical and software development skills. It also requires experience with robotics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Control systems engineers need to be able to work independently as well as within a team. As such, a bachelor’s degree in computer science or related field is necessary. Some companies also require candidates to have a Master’s degree or higher.

A Control System Engineer is responsible for developing and maintaining a company’s automation systems. They are responsible for supporting a wide range of oil and gas processes, including transportation, processing, and production. They also support the engineering department and regional offices. A candidate must be computer literate and have knowledge of Word and Excel.

A Control System Engineer’s job involves developing and designing solutions to maintain stability in constantly changing systems. They are also responsible for training personnel and technicians. Their work is critical to the overall operations of an oil and gas company, and they should be comfortable communicating with others.

Process Engineer job description

A Process Engineer is a key part of an oil and gas company’s operations. They can be responsible for developing processes, operating equipment, and interpreting laboratory data. They also provide technical support to oil and gas production facilities. Other duties may include troubleshooting, process safety, and commissioning new installations. Whether you’re interested in working for a large oil and gas company or are looking for a more hands-on role, there’s a Process Engineer position for you in the Middle East.

A Process Engineer job description should outline the main responsibilities of the role. These include developing industrial processes and alignment, interpreting data, and creating systems to meet process requirements. They must also be knowledgeable about process-related standards and simulations. Job descriptions should be short and easy to understand to attract the best talent.

The ideal candidate will have at least 12 years of experience as a Process Engineer. They should also have expertise in the field of upstream oil and gas facilities and experience in process engineering simulation. In addition, they should be well-versed in technical safety, environmental issues, and production. A Process Engineer must also be self-motivated, possess strong initiative, and have excellent communication skills. In addition, they should have excellent organizational awareness and customer focus.


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