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If you are a recent graduate looking for a new career, you can find various packing jobs in Dubai online. These jobs will require you to work on a variety of products, and you can earn good money as a result. In this article, you’ll learn about some important skills that you need to have to land a good job. We’ll also discuss which job sites are the most popular for helper jobs in Dubai, and how to prepare a CV to get noticed.


Skills required for helper jobs in Dubai

If you have the right skills and desire to work in the UAE, you can land a job as a helper in Dubai. There are countless jobs available in the city, including general helper and packing helper positions. General helper jobs are in high demand and require strong, energetic, and creative applicants. Unlike other jobs, helper positions in Dubai do not require professional training or a diploma. In fact, almost anyone who is physically fit and strong enough can find work in these fields.


As a helper, you would be expected to move merchandise to the appropriate delivery area and maintain the safety of packaging equipment. The job involves lifting heavy items, operating equipment, and ensuring that the manufacturing schedule is met. It also requires you to help craft workers with their duties. In addition, you would be required to move around the work site, operate machinery, and carry out other tasks as assigned. A few skills that you would need for a helper job in Dubai are listed below.


Job sites that post helper jobs in Dubai

You can find helper jobs in Dubai on job sites. But what should you look for? These job portals have different categories. If you are looking for helper jobs in Dubai, you can choose one of the following. Each job portal is dedicated to different fields. For example, GrabJobs is dedicated to jobs in the non-executive categories. LinkedIn is mainly for executive level jobs. In the UAE, GrabJobs is dedicated to jobs in the non-executive category.


The job platforms provide proper information. You can get details of the job description and the salary from them. Moreover, you will not be confused while applying for the job. You can apply directly on these job platforms. This will help you to get the best jobs in Dubai. There are many helper jobs in Dubai. All you need to do is to select one of these job posting platforms and get started. The benefits are many.


CV pitfalls to avoid

While CVs are an essential part of a job application, they should be formatted properly and contain relevant information. Recruiters will want to see that you have taken the time to format your CV correctly, so avoid committing any of these common mistakes. By avoiding these CV ‘no-nos’, you’ll be one step closer to securing the position you want. Here are some tips to help you improve the appearance of your CV and get a job in Dubai:

packing Jobs In Dubai


The most obvious CV snafu is the use of abbreviations. Dates should be listed in full, as September 2018 to October 2019. Month names should be spelled correctly throughout the CV. Also, make sure that you include any relevant dates, especially those related to your most recent job application. Be consistent and avoid using slang terms. You should include dates in full, instead of abbreviating them in other places.


Salary range for helper jobs in Dubai

A helper earns around AED 1,830 a month. Most of the UAE’s kids are under the care of a domestic helper. The average salary of a domestic helper is AED 1,830 per month, though the range is higher if you have basic first aid and medical knowledge. Other skills that can increase your salary include taking care of animals and living in a home or apartment.


Another type of helper job is available in the food industry. Food industry companies need people who can pack food items. There are vacancies for both male and female packers in different food products. Applicants must be good at packing and must possess a positive attitude. In addition to having the right attitude, they must be committed and have good manners. The pay is around KD 1,000-2,000 per hour. If you’re interested in working as a food packaging helper, you can apply for a part-time job at a restaurant or grocery store.


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