Scholarship for international students in UK


Scholarship for international students in UK

Scholarship for international students in UK: Do you want to start your study adventure in UK? Good news! A number of scholarships are available in United Kingdom for international students. In this article we will explain in detail about the scholarships offered in top universities in UK, their benefits and step by step application process.

More than 1500 scholarships are available at UK top universities for international students for academic year 2022-2023. These scholarships provide average monthly stipend of £2000 along with tuition fees, accommodation charges, health insurance and travel allowance.

Apply for fully funded scholarships and fulfill your dream of studying at world top universities like University of OxfordUniversity of CambridgeImperial Collage, University of Stirling, University of Bristol, University of London, Westminster University and many more.

Chevening Scholarship UK (Fully Funded)

Chevening Scholarship is a fully funded scholarship for international students.  This scholarship is only available for masters studies in any subject. Chevening Scholarship covers university tuition fees, a monthly living allowance, an economy class return airfare to the UK, and additional grants and allowances to cover essential expenditure.

  • Institution: UK Universities
  • Study in: UK
  • Level of Study: Masters


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