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SINGAPORE NURSING AIDE JOBS :Are you looking for a career as a nursing assistant? If so, there are many places to look for such jobs. In this article, you will learn about Salary, Job Description, Requirements and Training programs. You can also learn more about the job itself. You will be surprised at the many benefits and opportunities available. Read on to learn more! Here’s some information to help you decide which nursing assistant job is best for you.

Job Description

There are many job descriptions and responsibilities of a Nursing Assistant. Getting into this profession in Singapore requires a vocational diploma and at least one year of work experience. There are also minimum age requirements. The job description below outlines these essential elements. There are also educational requirements and other important considerations. In Singapore, the minimum age requirement is 18 years. Besides, a Nursing Assistant must have a good interpersonal and communication skills.

A Nursing Assistant is responsible for providing basic nursing care to patients. They help patients with daily activities and assist them with activities of daily living. These assistants also supervise volunteer healthcare aides. Their duties include monitoring patient safety and performing basic nursing procedures. They may also be responsible for light housekeeping in a patient’s room. They are also required to show compassion and empathy towards the patient and family. They should also be patient-centered and able to speak to a wide variety of people.


The salary for Singapore nursing assistant jobs is significantly higher than the national average. Although living expenses in Singapore are high, nurses are likely to earn enough money to send home to their families. While the average salary for nursing assistant jobs in Singapore is S$7,840 a month, this does not include any personal savings that you may accrue. As an assistant nurse in Singapore, you may also be required to work overtime to cover expenses.

The salary for nursing assistants in Singapore varies depending on their experience and location. With less than two years’ experience, you can expect to earn around 39,640 SGD. With two to five years of experience, your salary could reach 48,640 SGD. As you get more experience, your salary will rise to 69,240 SGD. With a bachelor’s degree, you can expect to make a higher salary.

Training programs

There are many benefits of being a nursing assistant in Singapore. Unlike other jobs, you do not necessarily need a bachelor’s degree to be a nursing assistant. Undergraduate nursing students can even find positions as a nursing assistant while they study. These assistants develop specialised skills that will benefit them when they begin their career. They also have the opportunity to apply lessons learned in their core subjects to their current position.

In order to become a nursing assistant, you need a certificate or diploma. The programs offered in vocational or community colleges will cover the essentials of anatomy, medical terminology, and pharmacology. To become a nursing assistant in Singapore, you must pass a competency exam. The national nursing board in Singapore regulates these jobs. For more information on these programs, visit the websites below. The following article outlines some of the main factors you should consider when choosing a nursing assistant program.


There are various requirements for a Nursing Aide job in Singapore, from educational requirements to minimum age. For this job, a nursing assistant course or diploma is a must. These courses cover pharmacology, anatomy, and medical terminology. Certified nursing assistants must also pass a competency exam. The national nursing board regulates the certification process in Singapore. You can find many different nursing aide courses in Singapore.

A nurse aide assists the registered nurse or enrolled nurse by providing basic nursing care. The job entails daily tasks such as dressing and bathing patients, checking on their health, and assisting in activities of daily living. In addition, a nursing aide is responsible for monitoring patient safety and observing wounds and bruises. However, not all nursing assistant positions are available in hospitals, and some can be found in private homes as well.


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