Fruit Picker Jobs In New Zealand For Foreigners 2024

Fruit Picker Jobs In New Zealand For Foreigners 2024

Fruit Picker Jobs In New Zealand For Foreigners 2024  When searching for fruit picker jobs in New Zealand, it’s important to note that these jobs are not advertised on most online job platforms, so you’ll have to find them offline. The easiest way to find these jobs is to contact local employers directly. If you’re not comfortable contacting employers directly, you can use websites and hostels to find them. Listed below are the different methods of finding fruit picking jobs in New Zealand.

Grape picking:

If you are interested in working in New Zealand’s agricultural sector, there are plenty of grape picking jobs for foreigners. New Zealand farms are constantly looking for seasonal workers to do various tasks, including picking fruit and tending fields. Many of these jobs are seasonal, but there are also year-round opportunities available for farmhands and migrant workers. These workers are needed to plant crops, harvest grapes and prepare fruit for sale.

During the summer, vineyard workers can choose to work in a variety of jobs, ranging from grape harvest pickers to pruning staff. Some vineyards require workers to perform various tasks, including pruning, stripping out, tying, and wrapping grapes. Another common place for backpackers is the pack house. Depending on the size of the pack house, you may be assigned multiple jobs. A smaller pack house will have multiple roles, while a larger operation may give out just one.

Kiwifruit picking:

If you are looking for a job that does not require any qualifications, you can consider kiwifruit picking jobs in New Zealand for foreigners. However, it is important to note that you will not be paid a salary unless you have experience picking the fruit. Regardless of your experience, you should be prepared to work in a cold environment. Fortunately, the government allows for 3 month extensions.

In New Zealand, kiwifruit is grown in almost every region. The Bay of Plenty region has the highest concentration of kiwifruit orchards. Te Puke, a small town on the north-eastern tip of the North Island, has a significant concentration of orchards. While this area is slightly off the beaten path, smaller concentrations of orchards can be found in Auckland, Gisbourne, and Nelson. Work permits may be harder to get in these areas than in other regions.

Strawberry picking:

If you are an expat looking for a job, one of the best places to work in New Zealand is at a vineyard. New Zealand’s climate is perfect for growing grapes in the south and there are plenty of vineyards to choose from. Many vineyards are located in Central Otago, Hawke’s Bay, Nelson and Marlborough. If you’re interested in working outdoors, picking strawberries can be a rewarding job in the outdoors.

If you’re looking for fruit picking jobs in New Zealand, consider joining a Facebook group. Often, these groups are run by employers looking for reliable, hard-working workers. You can also use online job search platforms to find employment opportunities, as employers are able to filter by region and location. This way, you’ll be able to narrow down your search even further. Once you’ve found a job you’re interested in, consider applying for it.

You don’t need a degree to work as a fruit picker, but you must be willing to work outdoors for many hours. Although this work may require a physical workout, many employers provide accommodation. If you’re on a Working Holiday visa, you can also look for fruit picking jobs in New Zealand for foreigners. If you can’t find a permanent residency in New Zealand, you can extend your visa to stay in the country.

Stonefruit picking:

Fruit pickers are paid by the piece. The amount you make each day depends on how many bins you fill. To make sure you get paid adequately, learn how to calculate your wages. Remember to always ask for the minimum wage in New Zealand. The work you do will pay you around US$14 an hour. You will be able to travel to many different areas of New Zealand. It is a fantastic opportunity to explore the country and enjoy the lifestyle.


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